About the Girls

We are three military wives who were fortunate to live on the same street. We bonded over bottles of Moscato, since we are not sophisticated enough to drink dry, red wine.

Brooke is the mom who every other mom envies. She is beautiful and has legs up to her eyeballs. (be jealous, she has great legs). She has three gorgeous, witty children. She runs a daycare center out of her home, all the kids adore her. And in her spare time, she shuttles her own children to various activities and sports. Brooke says she is lazy, but the woman is up before the ass crack of dawn and doesn't stop till she has been up at least 20 hours (only a slight exaggeration). She is also a little bossy.

Nicole is a mom. Surprise! She is also a full time nurse. She has three adorable children who should be on the cover of magazines or something. She is not a morning person. She, like Brooke and Gail, very creative and bitchy. Nicole gives great advice and tells it like it is. She is the "Goodwill Guru". She finds the most amazing and beautiful stuff, even when Brooke and Gail swore they looked at everything on the shelf. Nicole is a very imaginative person, and she likes to share all her imagery with those she loves. She has amazing boobs.

Gail is an atypical SAHM (Stay at home mom, for anyone clueless on acronyms). That means she does not care for play dates and her calendar is usually empty on weekdays. She has two beautiful, young children. She is often teased (nicely) because she feeds her kids organic, cloth diapers, and keeps thing as natural as possible. Yet feels she is not "crunchy" enough to hang out with the hip vegan mamas. She will hopefully finish her bachelor's degree before the end of this decade. Gail has a big bubble butt.

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