Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Let's DeClutter!

When I typed the post about decluttering your children's artwork, I wanted to share another idea that I've recently started doing.

These days it is hard to remember to print our your photos. Everything is digital. Even when you do remember to print them, you have to them put them in a photo album while keeping them all in order.
It takes me forever to get it all done. It takes hours, not to mention it can be expensive if you have to print 500 photos at once.

So I would suggest that throughout the year, set aside your favorite photos that you would print and put them in a special file on your computer. Or even put them on a photo publisher's website in a private album. (Example: Snapfish or

I personally prefer to keep them on my computer. I have two, and put our pictures on each computer. A little annoying, but I want to keep those special memories.

Once a year, search for a coupon code or groupons for a good deal on a photo book. Then take a couple of days and personalize a book that suits your families personality. You can make all sorts of layouts and choose different sizes. It is a lot of fun to do.

The best part is you can save the work you did and not have to worry about the mess on your table. Or your child destroying all your hard work.

This would be great for your baby's birth, an informal wedding album, or a special birthday party.

Over the years it will save paper, time, money. It will create less clutter in your home, while being able to keep your memories saved in a special way.

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